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Dr Mike Thorwart

Dr Mike Thorwart

I want to thank Mr. Bruck for telling everyone what he wants in his next school director. Unfortunately, after defining that person, he chose to avoid looking at my credentials.

When it comes time for redistricting, he wants a good communicator who is in contact with the people. I was the one who attended the League of Woman Voters Candidate Forum and stood before the community and reporters.

My opponent refused to attend.

I attended the numerous district meetings where these topics were discussed and deliberated.

My opponent did not.

Furthermore, I am the ONLY candidate with a child in elementary school where redistricting will have the most impact.

I understand the impact of redistricting because I will live it.

My opponent will not.

When it comes to facilities, he wants someone with analytical skills. I think a PhD in Chemical Engineering shows some analytical skills. I think daily experience in R&D, data analysis, data processing, and numerical methods show analytical skills too.

I have the skill set he describes and practice it, every day.

My opponent does not.

He wants a person that knows how to work with a board. Again, I spent an evening with five people at the League of Woman Voters forum showing how I could work with a board.

My opponent did not.

Furthermore, I showed knowledge of the issues, complexities and process of running a school district. We don’t know what my opponent knows; as he has not spoken in a large, unscripted public gathering.

This position is not about water flowing into homes and sewage flowing out. That is sophomore engineering. This is about children and taxpayers, and meeting the needs of both.

The ‘board’ position he mentions is not related at all to educating children and keeping them safe.

Lastly, he would like a representative who will watch over taxpayer money and student needs as if they were their own. I have children in elementary and high school. They ARE my own!

As a homeowner, I will spend money as if it comes out of my own wallet – because it does!

Mr. Bruck may have been reading my campaign literature because it states I am pro-education and fiscally conservative. I am very much aware of the delicate balance between the two. It will not be an easy task.

Residents have seen me at School Board and committee meetings for years. They have not seen my opponent much – even during election season.

They see me on soccer fields, basketball courts, orchestra events, football games and dance competitions. I am committed to the Council Rock community and have proven it.

The community wants what Mr. Bruck wants and should vote for the candidate who actually has a proven record embodying those things. I am that candidate.

Dr. Michael J. Thorwart*
Candidate for Council Rock School Director

*Ed. Note – Format edited for easier reading online. Original letter submitted here by Dr. Thorwart.

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