2008 Spring Elections Endorsed Candidates

The Primary will be held on Tuesday, April 22, 2008.

Below is our endorsed Republican ticket.
Feel free to print this page and take it with you to the polls. Also, please read our important message on
the importance of this ballot by clicking on this link to Republicans

President of the U.S.A. Mc Cain 2B
PA Attorney General Corbett 4B
PA Auditor General Beiler 5B
PA State Treasurer Ellis 6B
US Congressman 8th PA District Manion 10B
PA State Representative Petri 11B
vote for 3
Poprik 13B
McIllihinney 14B
Gudknecht 19B
Alternate Delegate
vote for 3
Kenney 27B
Dranginis 28B
Goodnoe 29B
State Committeeman
vote for 8
McCullen 31B
Polhemus 32B
Komelasky 33B
Panzer 34B
Kolodny 36B
DiGirolamo 37B
Volk 38B
Gudknecht 39B
State Committeewoman
vote for 8
Cevasco 40B
Waltman 41B
Adams 42B
Guise 43B
Poprik 44B
Barnes 45B
Savage 46B
Wenda 47B

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