An Invitation for Real Change!

A letter to Senator Obama from Newt Gingrich

Newt GingrichDear Senator Obama:

I viewed with great interest your new ad, “Real Change,” in which you declare that this year, “change has to be more than a slogan.” On this critical point, at this critical time, I believe you and I have found common ground.

Earlier this year I wrote a book entitled Real Change: From the World that Fails to the World that Works. The premise of Real Change is that Americans – Democrats, Republicans and independents – are united in their desire for change. But you’re absolutely correct – “change” can’t just be a slogan. So Real Change outlines specific solutions for the energy, environment, immigration, education, retirement, economic and health care challenges we face.

I’m also General Chairman of an organization, American Solutions for Winning the Future, that was founded to rise above traditional, gridlocked partisanship to find the solutions that will bring about real change.

I’m writing you today to invite you to be a part of an exciting initiative to engage the American people in moving “real change” from a slogan to a reality.

On September 27, American Solutions will join with citizen activists and elected officials across the country to participate in our second annual Solutions Day.

Last year, on our inaugural Solutions Day, over 100,000 Americans participated in person and online in more than 35 workshops at six different locations across the country to find solutions in education, health care, energy and the environment. It was a truly bipartisan event. Democrats including Roy Romer and Elaine Kamarck led workshops along with Republicans such as Dick Armey and Mike Huckabee.

This year, the theme of Solutions Day 2008 will be “We Have the Power.” This theme is a reflection of the belief we share in the power and potential of citizen activism. As a template for this citizen activism, American Solutions has produced a tripartisan document called The Platform of the American People, which can be viewed at

I invite you to learn more about Solutions Day at And then I invite you to join us on September 27 to outline your vision of real change in energy, the economy, education and health care. Of course, I know how busy your schedule is these days. So if you’re unable to join us in person, we would be excited if you could submit a video of your ideas for real change.

This is an increasingly divided, partisan time in our national life. Solutions Day this September 27 will be an opportunity to genuinely put aside party and politics and concentrate – if only for a day – on the challenges that face us as a nation. Your voice and your commitment to a more hopeful and more prosperous America would be an invaluable contribution.

Yours sincerely,

Newt Gingrich

Editor’s note: You can view the list of Congress members who are supporting Real Change by actively supporting ‘Drill Now’ one of the Solutions proposed last year. by CLICKING HERE.

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