Ability drove choice (of Scott Petri)

Regarding the recent article on my appointment of State Rep. Scott Petri for chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Economic Development

Two individuals cited in the article were critical of the appointment. Their criticism misses the mark and demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of the legislative process.

Scott was appointed to the Appropriations Committee during his first term in the Legislature, an appointment generally reserved only for the most effective and talented representatives. Since his initial appointment, Scott’s respect and seniority among the members of the Appropriations Committee increased – a fact which I witnessed during my tenure as chairmen.

When the chairmanship of the Economic Development Subcommittee became vacant this summer, Scott’s seniority put him first in line for the position. Being very familiar with Scott’s capability as a legislator, I had no hesitation in appointing him. Scott’s subcommittee will play one of the most important roles in managing Pennsylvania’s ongoing national economic crisis.

It was experience and ability that were the only deciding factors in my appointment of Rep. Petri. Politics never entered the equation.

Mario J. Civera Jr.,
Minority chairman
Appropriations Committee

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