Remember “Fairytale”?

Bill Clinton came out in support of Barack Obama at the Democratic Convention “Show” (his choice word, too) on August 27th. (How soon we forget!).

Just a few months earlier, during the Democratic Primary campaign he said something very, very different. You can see him and hear him in his own words with his remarks that were not “approved” by the “Show” people and Obama’s Staff. Words like “The biggest fairytale I’ve ever seen” seem to jog our recall! (REMEMBER?)

CLICK on an arrow in the image below to play the video. Or Click here to see it and related videos directly on YouTube.

It’s just politics as usual, not really “lies” or “changes in views”, much as the Democrats would like to spin it otherwise. Their apparent cult of personalities, including so many celebrities, seems unmoved by real American values like Truth!

It seems all a show to them and their gullible believers with poor memories!

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