Candidates We Support

In The Upcoming November 8th, 2022 Election

This year's mid-term election is very important for our own state of Pennsylvania as well as for the rest of the United States. Below are the candidates that we support and we hope you will join us in supporting them on Election Day.  Click an office title from the list below and see more information about the candidate running for that office.

November 8th, 2022 is Election Day. Show your patriotism and support by casting your ballot at your local voting location.  Contact us with any questions.

US Senate

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Mehmet Oz for U.S. Senate
Learn more about 'Dr. Oz' by visiting his website

Pennsylvania Governor

Doug Mastriano

Doug Mastriano for Pennsylvania Governor
Learn more about Doug Mastriano by visiting his website

Lieutenant Governor of PA

Carrie DelRosso

Carrie DelRosso for Lieutenant Governor of PA.
Learn more about Carrie DelRosso by visiting her website

United States Congress

Brian Fitzpatrick

Brian Fitzpatrick for U.S. Congress
Learn more about Brian Fitzpatrick by visiting his website

Pennsylvania State Senate District 6

Frank Farry

Frank Farry for Pennsylvania State Senate District 6
Learn more about Frank Farry by visiting his website

142nd State Representative

Joe Hogan

Joe Hogan for 142nd State Representative
Serving Northampton Districts 9, 10 & 14

Learn more about Joe Hogan by Clicking HERE.

178th State Representative

Kristin Marcell

Kristin Marcell for 178th State Representative
Serving all Northampton Districts except 9, 10 & 14

Learn more about Kristin Marcell by Clicking HERE.

EVERY Vote Counts! Below are some ways you can help others get involved and make voting fun.


Help Your Community Vote:

  • Get your kickball team, running group or martial arts class to vote.
  • Gather your youth group, book club, or fellow gamers and go vote!
  • Organize a dorm/homeroom competition to get the most voters!

Help Your Friends & Family Vote:

  • Make a weekend plan to vote and brunch with friends.
  • Plan to vote and dine. Order dessert to celebrate.
  • Meet up to vote, then go to your favorite sports bar/movie theater.

Help Your Coworkers & Classmates Vote:

  • Head to the polls after work and meet up for a post-voting mingle.
  • Are you a morning person? Arrange a pre-work “coffee & vote”.
  • Organize a lunchtime carpool to the polls.