Cindy McCain & Rudy Giuliani in Bucks

Two very special visitors coming to Bucks

Cindy McCain and Rudy Giuliani

WHEN: Monday, October 20, 2008 at 3:30 pm ( Doors open at 2:30 pm)

WHERE: Lower Makefield Township

Tickets and event details will be available over the weekend at GOP HQ , 115 N. Broad St. in Doylestown 215-345-6811 and also at the McCain-Palin/ Victory’ 08 Center at 1410 W. Street Rd. in Warminster, 267-282-5235.

We have a limited supply of tickets , so please come in or call to reserve your tickets right away.

This should be a super opportunity to see Cindy McCain and Rudy Giuliani up close.

Let’s make this event so successful that Cindy and Rudy will tell the Senator and his staff of the fantastic Bucks County welcome they received and then he and Sarah will really want to come to Bucks too.

Hope you can join us for this special visit.

Pat Poprik, Bucks County Chair ,McCain-Palin ’08

Joe Cullen, Bucks County Coordinato , McCain-Palin ’08

Steve Kratz, Bucks County Director, Victory “08

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