First Debate Watching Parties

Find a Debate Watching Party or Be a Host!
John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin gave two electrifying speeches at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota – the most watched convention speeches in history!

Thousands of you attended McCain Nation convention-watching parties all across the country in support of our ticket and we thank you for your support.

We’re in the midst of a busy fall season with just over 50 days left until Election Day. The first presidential debate will be held Friday, September 26th, at the University of Mississippi.

After months of running away from John McCain’s joint town hall meeting invitations, Senator Obama will finally have to face John McCain one-on-one. The first debate is something you won’t want to miss!

Why don’t you to host or attend a McCain Nation Debate-Watching Party Friday, September 26th?

Click HERE to learn how you can host or attend a Debate-Watching Party on September 26th.

As the host of a McCain Nation party, you will receive a packet of resources including a suggested party agenda, campaign information and McCain-Palin gear.The Republican Party Election Committee members ask you to register your party before Monday, September 22nd, to receive this packet in advance of your party.

We all appreciate the hard work you and all party regulars and newcomers are doing at the grassroots level to elect John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin as the next President and Vice President.

It is extremely important work that will make all the difference in securing a win on November 4th.

Thanks again for your support.

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