Join Catholics for McCain in Pennsylvania

Catholics Reject Obama Friends,

As you are aware, John McCain has been a solid defender of the sanctity life during his career in Congress, and he will continue to do so as President. But he can’t do it without your help.

Senator McCain needs dedicated Catholics to play an active role in reaching out to other Catholics in your parish and community, talking with them about Senator McCain, and recruiting volunteers for phone banks, door knocking, and other volunteer and event activities.

If you would like to take an active role in making John McCain the 44th President of the United States, please email or call 614-441-8097.

In addition, several special web sites speak to the key issue for Catholics about John McCain & Barack Obama.

Visit Catholics for McCain where they say:

Senator John McCain is pro-life and committed to nominating judges who are pro-life. In issues of human dignity, he is guided by a spirit of compassion that was born out of great suffering as a prisoner of war. John McCain is strong on the war on Islamic terrorism, fiscally conservative and committed to national security. A morally strong and proven leader, John McCain is ready to become our Commander in Chief. As Catholics applying eternal truths to today’s political landscape, we stand United in Purpose: Senator John McCain for President ’08!

Also, Catholic Columnist Deal Husdon says, “Vote Against Barack Obama Over Abortion”

Washington, DC ( — Leading Catholic columnist Deal Hudson has written a new national editorial saying pro-life Catholics should reject Barack Obama because of his pro-abortion positions. Hudson says Obama is so out of line with Catholic teaching on abortion that he can’t be supported for president.

Read full story at Life News

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