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1. Debate-Watching Parties: Friday, September 26th
Debate WatchThe first presidential debate will be held Friday, September 26th, at the University of Mississippi. This debate is something you won’t want to miss and that’s why we’re asking you to follow this link to host or attend a Debate-Watching Party on September 26th.

As the host of a McCain Nation party, you will receive a packet of resources including a suggested party agenda, campaign information and McCain-Palin gear. We’re asking you to register your party before Monday, September 22nd, to receive this packet in advance of your party.

Visit to start planning your event.

2. Vote Early or Vote Absentee Absentee BallotNow more than ever, your vote is critical. And there’s no better way to vote than by voting early, or with an absentee ballot. Voting early, or with an absentee ballot, is the best way to avoid the long line on Election Day and get your vote counted. Many states allow you to vote early by requesting an absentee ballot through the mail.

Visit for more details on early voting and absentee ballot requests in your state.

If you’re not registered to vote, follow this link to register right away.

3. Make Phone Calls from HomePhone BankReaching out to undecided voters in your state is vital to spreading the word that John McCain and Governor Palin are the right choice for voters all across America. That’s why we’re asking you to take a few minutes or even a free evening to make calls for John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin.

Visit to get started today.

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