Manion Calls on Murphy to Explain his Support for ACORN

Murphy supported congressionally-mandated funding of liberal groups with ties to extensive voter fraud as recently as July 2008

Doylestown , PA. (Manion for Congress) — Republican Candidate Tom Manion (PA-08) has issued the following statement regarding Congressman Patrick Murphy’s support of Barney Frank‘s proposal to tax Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This tax created a slush fund for left-wing activist groups like ACORN.

“This past July – as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac spread a financial tsunami of risky loans throughout our banking system – Patrick Murphy supported his party leadership’s plan to mandate a permanent tax on these entities to create a slush fund for radical liberal groups like ACORN.

“Rather than seeing the enormous risk posed by Fannie and Freddie for what it was, Murphy supported an out-of-touch tax on them to fund a permanent entitlement for radical liberal activist groups.

“The press continues to report on state investigations linking ACORN and other shadowy ‘community organizations’ that would have benefited from Murphy’s poor judgment in supporting this bill to shady partisan political activities, such as attempts to register duplicate and fraudulent voter applications.

“Underhanded activities perpetrated by groups like ACORN and underwritten by Murphy undermine voters’ confidence in elections,” said Tom Manion. “At a time when voters in Pennsylvania ‘s 8th District are already cynical about the political games being played in Washington , it is decisions like this that further decrease their confidence in our Congress’ ability to address the real challenges facing American families.”

“Although Murphy doesn’t seem to realize it, the time for playing partisan games and passing laws to line the pockets of political allies is over. I look forward to helping change the focus in Washington to solving the real problems facing Pennsylvania , like bringing down energy costs for families and businesses and creating new jobs in the Delaware Valley .”

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