Manion pumps gas plans

In an article in the Morning Call the other day by Josh Drobnyk and Scott Kraus, both candidates for Congress in Bucks County talked about the problem of escalating gas prices

Tom Manion talked about ending the moratorium on offshore drilling while his opponent talked about speculative fantasy.

Read the brief excerpt below and then click on the link below to see the whole story on Tom Manion’s informative website.

Read the comparison: PROVEN RESOURCES (Manion) Vs UNEXPLORED LAND (Murphy).

Wow, what a contrast!

In what is likely to be a common theme during their election battle, Murphy and Manion both took to gas stations to pitch their solutions — Manion, at an Upper Makefield Shell station, pushed for an end to the moratorium on offshore drilling, while Murphy, at an independent gas station near his Bristol Township home, advocated a plan to force drilling on the millions of acres of unexplored land already under lease by oil companies.

”We know that the areas that have been denied by Congress are oil-rich areas already, and that is the opportunity we have here — clearly an opportunity we have to lower the prices,” Manion said.


To learn more about the entire issue of Energy, Gas Prices and an integrated plan that speaks to solving the problems read John McCain’s proposed “Lexington Plan” on our web site by CLICKING HERE

There’s more also, including the full text of the speech from John McCain’s on the subject on June 25th and how it relates to ENERGY SECURITY for America, read it on John McCain’s web site by CLICKING HERE

It seems the Democrats can not get their act together on this major topic.

How do you think they would run the country?

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