Manion v. Murphy Debates

Tom Manion
In an article entitled “Murphy, Manion square off in wide-ranging debates” by Gary Weckselblatt of The Intelligencer, also reprinted on the Vote Manion Website, Weckselblatt recounted the positions taken at two recent debates between Tom Manion, the Candidate, and Patrick Murphy, the Incumbent. Both are vying for the 8th Pennsylvania seat in the US Congress.

According to the article:

“They discussed everything from the economy to energy, Social Security to abortion, the deficit to health care, and for good measure threw in the Iraq war and the Middle East.

“Bucks County Democratic Congressman Patrick Murphy and Republican challenger Tom Manion went at it for three hours in two separate debates Sunday.

“Murphy, in his first term, laid out two years of effort that included increased benefits for veterans and green energy jobs for Bucks County and several instances of bipartisanship.

“Manion, a 30-year Marine and business executive with Johnson & Johnson for 18 years, railed against a ‘broken Washington’ and a ‘do-nothing Congress.'”

You can read the entire article on the Vote Manion website by clicking here.

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