Manion Vs Murphy

Patrick Murphy campaigned to “Clean up Washington”

Did He Clean up? Or Give Up? You Decide.
Click here for a side by side comparison of Tom Manion and Patrick Murphy
Tom ManionAs your Congressman,

  • Murphy received a failing grade on his fiscal policies by several non-partisan citizens’ watchdog groups. The CCAGW gave him a score of 15 out of 100.
  • Murphy accepted a $100,000 advance for his biography just a few weeks before taking his seat in Congress. (Congressmen cannot accept book deals.) Murphy had nearly $60,000 in credit card debt at the time. The advance was three times the average for a first time author, and was arranged by a frequent Democratic Party donor. The book was not successful, and will need to sell at its current rate for 78 years in order to break even.

  • Murphy received $14,000 in campaign contributions from Congressman Rangel, who is under review for ethics violations. Murphy voted in favor of a $2 million earmark for Congressman Rangel’s private office and library.
  • Murphy supported fellow Congressman Charlie Rangel, saying “Charlie… has served this institution with honor and integrity,” as national newspapers called for Charlie Rangel to resign over ethics violations.
  • Murphy named Congressman Murtha “his hero” and the citizen’s watchdog group CREW named Murtha one of the most corrupt members of Congress.
  • Murphy voted to support Murtha’s $23 million earmark, the National Drug Intelligence Center, even though the Department of Justice has asked Congress to shut the NDI center down because it is a redundant program.
  • Murphy, a “fiscally conservative Blue Dog Democrat,” voted to cut spending on the ’07 appropriations bills… 33% of the time.
  • Murphy voted to raise taxes an average of $3,022 per household.

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