Megan’s Law Website

The Pennsylvania State Police have created a new section on their website dedicated to Megan’s Law and related matters. A hearty “Thank You!” to our State Representative, Scott Petri, for alerting us to this new development with a notice on his website..
The Megan’s Law Website at
includes a specific Search Engine with capability of searching by: County, Municipality, City, Zip Code, Name, and Alias.

Additionally the site includes details and links to Pennsylvania State Police Listings about the History of the Law and Federal Facts, Sex Offender Registration Details & Notification, Crimes Code of Pennsylvania, Frequently Asked Questions ,The Megan’s Law Home Page, the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Home Page, Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History, SVP Listing, Total Count of Active Registrants, Count of Registrants by Residence/ Employment/ School, by County and Pennsylvania State Police Links.

Other Related Links include the Sexual Offenders Assessment Board, Klaas Kids Foundation, Pennsylvania Amber Alert, State Prison Inmate Locater, Federal Inmate Locater, National Sex Offender Registry, Governor’s Commission for Children and Families, Right-to-Know Law Notice and Office of the Victim Advocate.

This appears to be a very comprehensive resource for enabling parents to stay aware of some of the bad things in life, but things they and their parents should know about life in the 21st Century in Pennsylvania.

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