Murphy Confuses “Honor and Integrity”with Corruption

Stands beside Corrupt Democrat in Face of Mounting Pressure

Tom Manion For Congress

A Letter From Tom Manion:

Patrick Murphy (D-PA) launched a defense of his financier Charlie Rangel (D-NY) last week, weeks after Rangel admitted wrong-doing and a day after the New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and Wall Street Journal all called for Rangel to step aside as chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means committee.

While the citizens watchdog group CREW added Rangel to their list of the most corrupt members of Congress, Murphy defended Rangel, claiming he “served this institution with honor and integrity” (The Hill, 9/15/08).

Murphy campaigned on a so-called “plan for ethics reform [that] cleans up the corrupt system in Washington and brings government back to the people.” (2006 campaign website) Now that Murphy is in Washington, he is standing up for Rangel, even after it came to light that Rangel, the House’s chief author of America’s tax laws, has himself circumvented the IRS, has inappropriately used official letterhead to fundraiser for a monument to himself, owned four rent-stabilized apartments in Manhattan, one of which he was using to run his campaign, and failed to report or pay taxes on income from an exclusive villa in the Dominican Republic and Florida.

Rangel’s actions have potentially violated local laws, state laws, federal laws and House ethics rules. Rangel himself has called for three separate ethics committee investigations.

Patrick Murphy’s defense of Rangel, although hypocritical, is not surprising. Murphy has taken $19,000 from the scandal-scarred Harlem Congressman (, CQ Money Line).

Voters in Pennsylvania’s 8th District now know the price Patrick Murphy charges to stand with corruption.

Nancy Pelosi and freshman Democrats like Patrick Murphy campaigned on being the most open, honest and ethical Congress and have completely failed the American people. I promise to bring honesty and integrity back to the U.S. Congress and give the voters in the 8th District a representative they can be proud of.

-Tom Manion
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