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10/23/2008 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As we enter the final stretch of this historic campaign, I am seeking your help to spread the message that we need a change in Washington and it starts here in Pennsylvania’s 8th District. Throughout the campaign we have faced an uphill battle against well-funded incumbent Patrick Murphy who has received a great deal of support from outside special interests.

Yesterday you read my plan to keep taxes low and allow businesses to create jobs for people in our community. Today I wanted to share some information from a Heritage Foundation report that compares the two approaches to growing the economy, and a plan similar to mine was found to provide 50,000 more jobs for Pennsylvanians.

I wasn’t surprised to read the report, though. Real tax relief does that… it provides jobs and grows our economy. Patrick Murphy has voted repeatedly against such tax relief, however, even though his new campaign ad states that he supports tax cuts.

  • Voted against permanently repealing the estate tax (Roll Call 959, 2007)
  • Voted against making the child tax credit and marriage penalty relief permanent (Roll Call 83, 2008)
  • Voted for a $7.5 billion tax increase that threatens over 5 million American jobs (Roll Call 746, 2007)
  • Voted repeatedly to block consideration of a bill that would make permanent the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts (on income, marriage penalty, child tax credit, investments, death tax, etc.) (Multiple Roll Calls, 2008)

These are just a few of the bills Patrick Murphy supported that raised or would raise taxes for our community. In fact, under his watch in this Congress, our debt increased by 455 billion dollars, and the debt ceiling increased three times to a record high of 11.3 trillion dollars.that’s just not fiscally conservative.

It’s good Congress is on recess because we can’t afford even another month at these spending levels. Allowing families and small businesses to keep more of their hard-earned dollars is a time-tested way to create jobs and grow our economy. We can keep tax rates down and provide for the programs we need, if we clean house, eliminate wasteful spending and put our spending priorities in order.

Encourage your friends to vote on November 4th! Thanks for your continued support.

Tom Manion

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