“Obama is ok with $4-a-gallon gas”

As the price of oil surges and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia warns Americans “to get used to high prices,” Barack Obama continues to reject policies to reduce our dependency on foreign sources of energy.

Obama consistently opposes offshore drilling, an expansion of nuclear energy, and a Federal gas tax holiday. In fact, Obama has proposed yet another tax on coal and natural gas—critical industries to the economy of Pennsylvania (“Q&A with Sen. Barack Obama,” San Antonio Express-News, 2/19/08).Although Americans must reach deeper into their pockets to afford $4 a gallon gas, Obama is only interested in advancing the tax-and-spend agenda which has become a hallmark of the Democrat Party.

While Obama offers pithy sound-bites on the economic hardship facing Americans, only John McCain has proposed real solutions to our nation’s energy crisis. McCain has advocated for an increase in domestic oil production, investing in alternative sources of energy, and promoted energy efficiency. In addition, John McCain believes Congress must investigate oil speculators and the effect it is having on our soaring energy prices.

The current energy crisis will have profound consequences on the future of the American economy. As a result, we must ensure that we elect a president who will offer a bold vision for reducing our dependency on foreign oil; and not a president who will propose onerous tax increases.

The choice is clear: John McCain is the only candidate with the experience necessary to change the energy paradigm in America.

From the PA GOP Blog: (Thanks folks!)

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