Palin Stirs GOP Action

Huge Number of Requests for Campaign Signs, Stickers and literature at The Northampton Days Festival – Many new voters registered and absentee ballot forms distributed.
Committee Table at 2008 Northampton Days FestivalRichboro, Bucks County, PA — Northampton Days, held yesterday was a rousing success, especially at the Republican Committee information table.

We ran out of McCain – Palin signs very early and asked people to submit their names and addresses so we can either send them copies when we get them or let them know how and when more literature will be available. Others visitors filled out voter registration forms or received Absentee Ballot request forms or lawn signs and information on other candidates. We still have a supply for Scott Petri and Tom Manion signs for those who need them.

There was no doubt that Sarah Palin was the driving force behind much of the excitement over the Republican Party and the 2008 Presidential ticket. There were countless requests for signs bearing her name.

In addition to the exceptionally strong demand for signs and literature some of the comments heard at the festival, even from Democrats, were:

“She’s a role model for all mothers, women and young girls”;
“What a breath of fresh air for the Republicans”
“I’m now able to at least vote for a ticket that has a woman on it”
Nobama now*“;
“Now is the time for women in politics
” plus many, many more with over-the-top superlatives.

We also had lawn signs and political information for people to display in supporting the campaigns of Scott Petri’s re-election to the Pennsylvania House from the 178th District, Tom Manion’s campaign for the 8th Pennsylvania District in the US Congress, Tom Ellis For State Treasurer and Chet Beiler For Auditor General. Many were passed out to eager visitors.

We still have a good supply of materials for the local candidates and, if you missed them, you can obtain a lawn sign and other materials easily. Just contact your local Committee person to arrange to get them. Click here for the list of your elected Committee members.

If you want to receive Campaign Literature, Posters, Bumper Stickers, Poster Signs and/or lawn signs, all you need to do is contact one of the Committee members by clicking here. Optionally you can fill out and submit a volunteer form (by clicking here) and note what you’d like to receive in the comment area. You can even volunteer to help in the campaign of one or more of our candidates.

If you can’t wait for our local supply of signs, buttons and stickers for the McCain – Palin campaign you can buy them directly online from the GOP Store by clicking here.

You can learn or brush up on the 2008 campaign issue details by clicking here for an index and detailed, online background information on the McCain – Palin campaign views on key issues like The Economy, Gasoline & Oil Prices, Energy Independence, Health Care, Veterans & Senior Issues, Taxes and much more.

Check our past news stories on Scott Petri by clicking here Learn how he’s has been a leader in bringing Sate resources to the hands of our citizens and representing you in the PA State House. He is a proven leader who is working for us every day. Scott has been endorsed by the Pennsylvania League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club, for the past six years. He also has a most informative website of his own that you can visit to learn more by clicking here.

Tom Manion is a new face on the scene with a compelling combination of experience and fresh approach to the political scene that will help John McCain and Sarah Palin shake up Washington as a new Congressman from our District. Visit his website and learn more by clicking here. You can also review some of the news stories we have run here about Tom Manion and his campaign at any time by clicking here.

Tom Ellis is a statewide candidate for State Treasurer. He’s a neighbor from Cheltenham, Montgomery County, a former Chairman of the County Board of Commissioners and a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Penn. Click here to visit his website and learn about his program.

Chet Beiler, running for Auditor General is from Lancaster County. He is a small business owner and community leader who plans to bring commonsense and core Pennsylvania values to State Government. Click here to learn more about Chet and his campaign.
* You can buy Nobama 08 bumper stickers online by clicking here

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