Putting People Before Politics

Doylestown, PA –  Tuesday night, we watched another historic debate between presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama and saw the clear contrasts between the two candidates.

In John McCain, we saw:

  • An experienced and dedicated leader.
  • A candidate focused on cutting runaway spending in Washington and wasteful pork-barrel projects.
  • A future president intent on bringing common sense solutions to our nation’s energy problems.

In Barack Obama, we saw a candidate that:

  • Sat idly by while our nation faced the greatest financial crises of our generation. Washington Times 9/20/03
  • Will increase government spending by $1 Trillion in new spending programs in his first 4 years in office
  • And is badly out of touch on crucial foreign policy issues such as Iraq, Pakistan and the Russian invasion of Georgia

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Patrick Murphy has supported Barack Obama from day one. He has come up empty on solving our nation’s skyrocketing energy prices, supported dozens of pork barrel earmarks – and refused to disclose the specific projects and special interests for which he requested earmarks and continues to call for a dangerous and misguided withdrawal of our troops from Iraq.

If you give me the opportunity to represent you in Washington, DC, I promise to follow John McCain’s leadership to:

  • Cut wasteful government spending and eliminate crippling taxes on America’s middle class.
  • Reform a system that allows corrupt politicians and special interests to benefit from earmarks
  • Open domestic sources of energy to provide desperately needed relief at the gas pumps.
  • To put people before politics and reform our government, bring prosperity back to our nation and bring peace around the world.


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