Senatorial Support for American Energy Freedom Day

Dear Senators Reid and McConnell,

It is our hope that Democrats and Republicans will stand together to support American Energy Freedom Day on October 1, 2008. On this day, the current prohibitions on oil and gas exploration off the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) and in the oil-shale fields of the West will expire, giving Americans the freedom to access their own energy and providing them with relief from sky-high prices at the pump.

We strongly encourage you to allow the expiration of these prohibitions on American energy exploration and production, as scheduled under current law, and we will actively oppose any attempt to extend them. Now is not the time to deny Americans access to their own energy supply.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to working with you to ensure a victory for the American people on American Energy Freedom Day.


Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee),
Wayne Allard (R-Colorado),
John Barrasso (R-Wyoming),
Bob Bennett (R-Utah),
Kit Bond (R-Missouri),
Sam Brownback (R-Kansas),
Jim Bunning (R-Kentucky),
Richard Burr (R-North Carolina),
Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma),
Thad Cochran (RMississippi),
John Cornyn (R-Texas),
Larry Craig (R-Idaho),
Mike Crapo (R-Idaho),
Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina),
Pete Domenici (R-New Mexico),
John Ensign (R-Nevada),
Michael Enzi (R-Wyoming),
Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina),
Charles Grassley (R-Iowa),
Judd Gregg (R -New Hampshire),
Orrin Hatch (R-Utah),
Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas),
Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma),
Johnny Isakson (R-Georgia),
Richard Lugar (R-Indiana),
Mel Martinez (R-Florida),
Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska),
Pat Roberts (R-Kansas),
Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama),
Richard Shelby(R-Alabama),
Ted Stevens (R-Alaska),
John Sununu (R-New Hampshire),
David Vitter (R-Louisiana),
George Voinovich (R-Ohio),
John Warner (R-Virginia),
Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi).

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