Spring Primary 2008

The primary elections will be held Tuesday, April 22nd.

Polls open at 7:00 am and remain open until 8:00 pm.

Only registered Republicans and Democrats are allowed to vote in this election, except where there is an issue being considered.

If you are not registered as a Republican (or a Democrat) you may not be allowed to vote.

If you are not registered, you will not be allowed to vote.

If you are a first time registered voter, or are registered and have been inactive, you will probably be asked to provide identification, such as a Pennsylvania Drivers License.

If you are unsure of your classification, be prepared, bring identification.

There are now 18 seperate Voting Districts. Their locations are listed on this site as a public services. The list may be accessed by clicking here.

Please Note: Voting District 8 was divided and a new district, District 18 created late last year. District 8 voters have St Johns United Methodist Church on Almshouse Road as their regular Polling Place. Those who are now in District 18 will vote at the Northampton Township Building on Township Road in Richboro.

Our list of polling places includes a rough map that shows the outline of the new Voting District 18 as an aid to those who are unsure in which District they reside. The voting district map on the Northampton Township website did not show the new District 18 as of April 20th.

Voting Machines: If you are unfamiliar with the digital voting machines. there is an online video instruction page at the Pennsylvania Department of State providing instructions. The main page may be accessed by CLICKING HERE.

A specific video on the machine used in our Districts may be accessed (Note: we had some problems viewing this on a Comcast Broadband connection) by CLICKING HERE.

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