“The Energy To Lead”

news imageAn article by: Robert M. Duncan, of Townhall, published on the John Mccain Blog on Tuesday, July 29, 2008.

This interesting article begins:

With the cost of gas weighing on our minds and wallets, Americans desperately need the continuing leadership of a President who will help lift us out of this crisis. As we rely on millions of barrels of foreign oil each day, we are increasing our dependence on nations in an unstable part of the world instead of using our resources right here at home.

In the spirit of the principle of independence our country was founded on, John McCain is embracing America’s independence from foreign oil and dedicated to strengthening our economy and energy needs. This plan, The Lexington Project, aptly named for the town in which America first asserted her independence, will help deliver us away from foreign oil dependence and toward domestic stability by keeping the hardworking American in mind. This will ease the burden now and ensure a future of American-based energy…”

You can read the rest of it by CLICKING HERE.

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