Update: Citizens For McCain

Joe Lieberman Supports John McCainJoe Lieberman Supports John McCain, that’s no surprise. Senator Joe Lieberman has always put America First, even battling the Democrat machine in his home state of Connecticut to win re-election to the Senate as an independent.

He served in an admirable role last Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press where he faced down Senator Kerry and defended very articulately against the recent criticism of the McCain TV ad that featured brief shots of two Pop celebrities, making the point that Obama is playing a celebrity role and has a distinct lack of demonstrated leadership.

What do you expect of an ad that cuts to the truth and illustrates it so very well? It’ll be knocked by every opponent on every basis except the one that counts: what it really says on the issue of the relative expectations we can have for a candidate to start a new job without any experience.

Here ‘s another note from Senator Lieberman: CLICK HERE TO READ IT

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