Update From Jon Seaton, Regional Campaign Manager

John McCain 2008

Dear McCain Leaders:

For over a year and a half, John McCain has been traveling across the country, talking to voters about his agenda to grow our economy, bring gas prices down, and keep us safe.

We are now less than 90 days away from this historic election that will shape our future and determine whether or not our country will be placed on a path to reform, prosperity and peace.

John McCain has called upon all of us to serve a cause greater than our own self interest, and for the next 88 days, we will pledge to redouble our efforts to ensure that John McCain is elected as our 44th President of the United States

Your staff here in Pennsylvania is executing a comprehensive plan to get John McCain’s message out to as many voters as possible.

We have opened offices throughout the state where volunteers can congregate to make phone calls, organize door-to-door activities and distribute campaign literature.

We are communicating our message to local newspapers and websites. And we have grown our organization to include chairs in every county and municipal and precinct captains continue to sign up in droves.

We are making tremendous progress every week, and this type of concerted effort will need to continue if we are to be victorious in November.

I wanted to update you some upcoming visits and campaign activities, and will try to send you periodic updates on key campaign news and the candidate’s schedule.

I also will send a daily “Morning Update” around to those leaders interested in receiving the latest news from Pennsylvania. But for now, here’s what’s going on in the State:

1) JohnMcCain.com is pleased to unveil McCainNation! This interactive web-based feature allows you to find office locations, phone bank activities, volunteer opportunities and information on upcoming House Parties for McCain in your area.

I encourage you to check out the site, join McCainNation, and maybe make a quick contribution to John McCain!

2) Speaking of House Parties August 14, 2008 is our first National House Party Day, featuring a special live Conference Call with Cindy McCain

For those who don’t know, Mrs. McCain is a truly remarkable woman, traveling around the world for many charitable causes, including Operation Smile and the ONE Campaign. Mrs. McCain will be taking questions from our thousands of House Parties across the country.

Be sure to sign up for a House Party online, then tell us about it so we can be sure to let people in your area know where to go. If you sign up for a house party, drop us a line at pennsylvania@johnmccain.com.

3) John McCain will be welcomed back into the state next week. For details of his visit please email us at pennsylvania@johnmccain.com.

That’s all for this week. Let us know if you’d like to receive a (shorter) e-mail every day from us, with daily updates and news clips from around Pennsylvania.

Please be sure to visit one of our campaign offices across the state, and visit www.johnmccain.com for information on the headquarters nearest to you.

With less than 13 weeks until Election Day, now is the time for everyone to step up involvement and build on the energy that our candidate has generated throughout our states. Please visit the website, come by a McCain Headquarters, or throw a House Party on August 14th.

On to Victory!

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