Volunteer For The 72 Hour Task Force & Election Day


As you know, the 2000 Presidential Election came down to one state, Florida.

Pennsylvania is shaping up to be the “Florida” of 2008.

Senator McCain and Governor Palin need your help to win this election. A strong grassroots effort during the final 72 hours can make or break an election.

You can make a difference and help shape the future of our great nation by helping to elect John McCain and Sarah Palin.

To volunteer for the final 72 Hour Task Force and Election Day, please contact Steve Kratz atskratz@pagop.org or 267-282-5235.

Thank you for your support and hard work.  We WILL win for McCain / Palin.

Pat Poprik, Bucks County Chair McCain / Palin 08
Joe Cullen, Bucks County Coordinator McCain / Palin 08
Steve Kratz,  Victory 08 Director

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