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Letter to the Editor

Dr Mike Thorwart

Dr Mike Thorwart

I want to thank Mr. Bruck for telling everyone what he wants in his next school director. Unfortunately, after defining that person, he chose to avoid looking at my credentials.

When it comes time for redistricting, he wants a good communicator who is in contact with the people. I was the one who attended the League of Woman Voters Candidate Forum and stood before the community and reporters.

My opponent refused to attend.

I attended the numerous district meetings where these topics were discussed and deliberated.

My opponent did not.

Furthermore, I am the ONLY candidate with a child in elementary school where redistricting will have the most impact.

I understand the impact of redistricting because I will live it.

My opponent will not.

Official Republican Sample Ballots for 2015 General Elections

VOTE ON NOVEMBER 3rd |  Your Votes are Needed!

Your Republican Committee has endorsed the candidates for office in the General Election, November 3, 2015 as shown below on the sample ballots here. You may download and print them according to the instructions below*.

Note First: Key Judge Positions

Judge Finley Retention

Judge Finley Retention Question

1 At the Top of the Ballot and on all of the samples below is the Question on retention of Judge of the Courts of Common Pleas, Jeffrey L. Finley. We highly recommend a “YES” for Judge Finley!

2. On the second row of choices, we recommend voting for all three candidates for Justice of The Supreme Court, but especially wish to call attention to Candidate Anne Covey.

She is a woman candidate for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and she is from Bucks County. When elected, she will be the first Bucks County citizen on the Supreme Court as well as the first woman ever elected to that position. Note, too. that she has been the victim of some serious negative ads that, according to our best sources, are lies against her and her record!

Sample Ballot # 1, for Northampton Voting Districts 1,4,8,13,15,&18

Council Rock School Directors Debate

Tues. Oct. 20 | 7:30-9:00 PM

Just a reminder that there is an upcoming Council Rock School Directors Debate next Tuesday, October 20th at 7:30 pm.

If you are interested in learning more about the Council Rock School Board Director candidates, please plan on attending.

The information is below:

League of Women Voters Candidates’ Forum

Council Rock School Board Candidates
Tuesday, October 20 from 7:30-9:00 PM

The Chancellor Center,
30 N. Chancellor St
Newtown, Pa, 18940


Candidate Forum – Bucks County Commissioners.