Follow up From Jery Grupp CRSB Director

Trade Union Money for a School Board Race? REALLY?

See the memo on my facebook page Grupp 4 Council Rock (

It seems that the Philadelphia trade unions are filtering money through the Northampton Democratic Committee to a small sub-committee who has used the money to run a smear campaign against Council Rock incumbents!

I have previously defended my opponent, as not being part of the negative campaign tactics. Now, finding that the negative campaigning is endorsed by the Democratic Committee, I have to say I was wrong. 

A Message From Jery Grupp CRSB Director

“Dump Grupp” signs are being placed within the community

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Voters,

Thank you to the many people who have contacted me today to tell me about the signs that have sprouted within our community saying “Dump Grupp”.

These signs are being placed by a small group of persons with an incredible amount of personal animosity for me.

First, and most importantly, I do not believe that these are being placed by or with my opponent’s endorsement. I prefer to think that my opponent is interested in running a campaign based on facts relevant to the running of the Council Rock School District.

Primary Election -2015

Our Endorsed Candidates

Below are four different lists of the endorsed candidates for the Republican Primary Election on May 19, 2015. They vary according to the School Districts in which they are located.

You can view them here or download and print your own copy(s) as needed just by printing the entire page or clicking on an image to download the image in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format that can be opened in almost any web browser or the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (

NTRC 2015 Spring Pancake Breakfast

May 9th – Get Tickets Early!

Come enjoy the fellowship of Northampton Township, Republicans and our elected officials.

  • Meet Your Committee Members, Leaders and other invited guests;
  • Meet our Candidates for office in 2015;
  • Enjoy the fellowship of other Republicans; and
  • Let Your Voice Be Heard — Discuss Your Favorite Topic.

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Northampton Township Republican Committee “Excellence in Government & Citizenship” Application & Contest Rules

DEADLINE: 4/15/2015


2015 Essay Topic –
“Should President Obama’s proposal to make community college tuition-free become law? Why or why not? “

Northampton Township Republican Committee “Excellence in Government & Citizenship” Application & Contest Rules:

Eligibility for Participation:

Any Northampton Township resident who is scheduled to graduate from any accredited High School during the current academic year (usually May or June) is eligible to submit an application for the Scholarship provided they meet ALL of the requirements of the Program:
1. Applicant must be a legal resident of Northampton Township, Bucks County, PA at the time that application is submitted and at the time that applicant graduates from high school.

2. Applicant must be planning to attend a post-high school educational program at an accredited school or facility (academic, technical, trade) in the academic year immediately following High School graduation.

3. Applicant must submit an essay as outlined in the Application Form and rules. They may be downloaded below.

11/4/14: Polls Open in PA 7:00AM-8:00PM VOTE TODAY

voterepublicanYour choice is simple: Vote for increased taxes, untruthful claims, and Obama-style leadership…


Vote for honesty and integrity: Corbett-Cawley for PA Governor & Lt. Governor.


Northampton Township voters are too smart to be fooled by DEMocrats again.  We proved that a year ago when the tyrant Supervisor was overwhelmingly rejected.

Send Obama and those he supports a huge message today!

Reject Washington and Philly DEMs… Vote Republican on November 4th!

You can easily tell the nature of a person by the company they keep.


Tom Wolf and Mike Stack, running against Governor Tom Corbett and Bucks County’s Lt. Governor Jim Cawley, are disciples of Philly politicians and union bosses, Hillary Clinton and the Obamas.  Northampton Twp voters overwhelmingly reject those types.

Kevin Strouse, running against Mike Fitzpatrick for the House of Representatives, is like Pat Murphy,

Obama Coming to PA on Sunday – Good News for Republicans!

whcdo1Democrats would not have increased their spending nor invited President Obama to stomp for DEM Candidates in PA unless they were concerned.  They should be.

Get out and Vote REPUBLICAN on November 4th.  Send President Obama and his supporting cast of characters running for office in Pennsylvania a strong message.

We don’t need Obama in the Governor’s mansion; we don’t need Obama in Congress; and we

Had Enough of Untruthful, Tax & Spend Democrats?

voterepublicanThe same tactics used by the President and his Democratic Party have found their way to Pennsylvania.  Northampton Township bore witness to the results: several years of untruthful sniping, a paralyzed government that accomplished nothing, and even worse: a community ripped apart by deceit.

Northampton Voters are too smart to allow that to happen again.

Untruthfulness has found its way into the campaigns of Democrats running for Governor, US