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There’s a link on the home page for the website of the Democrats who are positive for John McCain, That’s quite an endorsement, similar to the “Reagan Democrats” of the 1980s.

Let’s do everything we can to urge our friends and relatives who are Democrats or uncommitted, to look over the arguments they make in favor of John McCain.

Encourage them to look at his motives, listens to his words and take note of his actions. Convince them that he is the best course for America in 2008!

There’s more than enough detailed position statements, video clips and other material here, on the John McCain website and many other web sites to help make a solid case for John McCain.

Then there’s Clintons For McCain ( Their welcome statement says:

“Welcome to the official website of the Clintons for McCain movement. Please join us and participate in our support forum. Our mission is NOBAMA and anyone who shares that goal is welcome here.”

Other statements include:

“Our founding philosophy is NObama! Most of our subscribers are Hillary Clinton supporters, but anyone who agrees with NObama – under any circumstances – is welcome here. Join us and help us stop an inexperienced and unvetted man and instead elect an honorable, trustworthy and honest man — Senator John McCain — to our nation’s highest office”.


In the event that you still haven’t convinced them, ask them to review the coalition of web sites and videos that the Democrats for Hilary Clinton have amassed in very short order Against Obama. They go by the collective name of “JustSayNODEAL” and it lists more than 200 individual web sites and web logs that are still against Obama and for Hilary.

They get their name from a phrase referring to the “Deal” that supposedly struck with Obama to help pay the campaign debt for Hilary in return for her releasing her delegates and “falling in line” at the Democrat Convention.

View the video of the Fox News story below by clicking on an arrow in the image below.

(You can also see it on YouTube by CLICKING HERE) .

It’s about details on the situation including an interview with Will Bower, a spokesperson for the NObama coalition and the PUMA (Party Unity My A.) group. They’ve already raised most of the cash independently of Hilary so she will be free from restraints at the upcoming Democrat Convention.

Go! Go!! Go!!! (Looks like John McCain’s comic stint on Saturday Night Live is turning into reality!)


PUMA has gone one step further than just issuing news statements, they’ve formed a Political Action Committee, PUMAPAC (CLICK HERE TO SEE THEIR Blog). The statement of their objectives is:

Puma PAC is a political action committee organized in June 2008. We are registered as a non-affiliated Political Action Committee (PAC) with the Federal Election Commission and have organized as a 527 Organization with the Internal Revenue Service. This is our official website and blog. You may know that there is another, more defiant meaning for the acronym P.U.M.A. and that many of us are motivated by a deep disgust with and distrust of the DNC leadership. There will be no unity in the Democratic party until the voices of the 18 million voters who support Hillary Clinton are heard and heeded. Until the voices of Pumas are once again listened to by the leadership of the Democratic party, we will be guided by that defiance. We will treat insult with uprightness and will meet disdain with disdain. We will not be bullied, brainwashed, or bossed into falling in line.

There’s also a website feature on a democrat website dedicated to the Obama Flipping Syndrome. It is called:

FLIP-FLOP EXPRESS: Daily Update of who Obama Throws under the Flip Flop Express

Seems there’s a lot of very unhappy democrats out there. No wonder!