Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I comment on a story or article?
Click on the last line under a story, either it says “Comments” or “No responses yet”

A new text box will open where you may type or paste in your comment.

An editor will review your comment and possibly contact you for clarification. So it is a good idea to add your email address at the bottom of the comment.

2. How do I submit a story or article?

To send a comment or a one-time article or letter, click on the words under the title “The IN Box”, a new page with a blank form will appear asking a little information and with an empty text box where you can post almost anything you want.

If it is relevant and in English, we will review and probably add as a comment or letter under the related subject area on the site.

If you wish to contribute regularly you must be registered.

To register: Click on the word “Register” at any of several spots on the page and you will then see a place where you can enter your email address (necessary) and then your chosen user name. A temporary password will be emailed to you so you can log in.

3. Can I become an Editor to help manage the website?

We are always seeking help since this website is managed by unpaid volunteers. Contact any of the Township Republican Committee members to let them know of your interest (Click on the Committee links to locate your Committee person and their contact details). They will contact the website staff in turn.

Alternately you may send in the volunteer form by clicking on the “Volunteers Needed” words and filling in the form that appears. Do not forget to click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page!

4. Limited Access

We have an open and free policy and solicit comments and inputs from Republicans, Independents, Regan and Clinton Democrats and others who post reasoned comments. As a rule, we do not accept inputs from persons who are not American citizens or who submit from a foreign country

In addition, we do not tolerate spam and irrational, partisan remarks regardless of source and will not allow them to be seen on this website. We strictly enforce the concept of civility and courtesy.

Anyone spamming or making rude and irrelevant remarks will not only have their comment or post deleted, their IP address and connection information will be entered into our “Banned Bin”.

There will be no warning; it just happens, like so much of life.

If you are banned you will see the following message when you next try to access this website:

Your IP address (- %USER_IP%) is now Banned.

If you think you have been banned when you shouldn’t be, contact your Committee Person and ask to be reinstated. Be sure to explain why you think you should be reinstated.

We can make mistakes, but spam, irrelevant, rude, nasty posts and those with words that you wouldn’t use in speaking to your sainted Grandmother are sufficient reason to ban you from accessing this website forever!