Poking fun at the political opposition has long been a tradition in elections in the USA and elsewhere. Some people also see it as a way to blow off steam when the opponent unfairly or, apparently unfairly, misquotes you and vice versa. Some targets of wit get all huffy puffy and outraged. Hey, lighten up! It may not be fun, but you can play the same game and make them feel outraged also!

The Democrats are past masters of the half-truth, the sly innuendo, the irrational appeal and ridicule. We Republicans are learning, at last.

Some of the fun arguments made against the opposition contain a measure of truth, some are blatantly outrageous with no truth at all, usually the ones made on late night TV shows. Without them political campaigns would be duller than doorknobs.

Realize that most political figures, especially at the national level, are lawyers, and if you have ever had the misfortune to read a legal brief or ruling, you would have seen a prime example of dull.

So a bit of fun-poking and a measure or two of half-truths is a good way of getting back at lawyers, too.

If you have a “good one” send it in.

We may, or may not add it to this collection, if does not contain too much rude, offensive or slanderous language. As long as it has a good measure of fun.

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We will also accept juicy quotes you may have heard on TV from Jay Leno or Dave, or Neil Cavuto…or…even Tom Bergeron, just let us know your source so we can give them the credit they deeply deserve.

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Enjoy the election, keep your tongue planted firmly in your cheek and a smile on your face, if that’s at all possible.