We have two main divisions of this area of the web site about letters.

The first section is devoted to those who are frustrated by some of our local newspapers (we don’t have to tell you that the Bucks County Courier Times and it’s affiliates have a reputation of favoring opposition candidates and publishing only selected portions of letters, of those few they publish, from Republican – leaning citizens). This section is called: “LOST Letters“. You can see the list of submissions by clicking on the term “LOST Letters” below.

To submit a letter, whether New or lost, merely use the Suggestion Form. There’s no need to register. When you click on the form a new page will open and you can either type or copy & paste your letter into the space provided.

For “LOST Letters”, indicate, please what section was not published by your local paper. To help eliminate the possibility of spam input or inappropriate remarks, all submissions will be reviewed before publication.

The second section is a place for Republicans to publish their views and comments.

Of course, rude, offensive and defamatory language will not be accepted. Neither will topics that are not related to our communities and blatant Opposition views. Send those to the Opposition’s websites. We reserve the right to not publish your submission.

We will be civil yet not be a place to promote ideas contrary to those of the Republican Party.

To read the letters placed there all you do is click on the word “New Letters” below and then click on the letter title among those listed on the new page to see the one of interest.

We expect you to submit your name and a means of contact in the event there are questions and to verify that you are a real person.

If you wish to remain anonymous, please check the boxes indicated on the submission form and we will do our best to honor your wishes by not publishing your real name or email address with your letter.