Sample Letters

Listed below are some sample letters that registered members of the website may use as models for writing articles and letters to the editors of local newspapers and websites.

There are also the Letters to The Editors addresses for some key Philadelphia and Bucks County Newspapers as well as the web links to TV stations and blogs that encourage citizen comments.

Letter No. 1:

There certainly is hostility, partisanship, and even un-democratic activity at Northampton Township meetings.  However, this unpleasantness does not start with the majority Supervisors, as is widely reported.

It is from a small band of residents who heckle, insult, jeer and shout down Supervisors Komelasky and Deon, or anyone speaking in their defense.  These residents refuse to put themselves on record or on camera, preferring the anonymity of the crowd.  They intend only to disrupt the meeting, and clearly they have been very effective.

Faced with this apparently well coordinated effort to sabotage public meetings, the Supervisors have been forced to take drastic actions.  These actions are not meant to shut down discussion, but to hold the mob in check long enough to give other voices a chance to be heard.

I know this is a very different take on the meetings than you may have heard.  At this writing, the next meetings are scheduled for July 13th and 27th, 8 PM, at the Township Building – more details at  Please, come out and see for yourself what is happening at your Township meetings.


Letter No. 2:

This is the only space the Courier Times offers to the public.  To appear here, writers must meet the requirements and restrictions reprinted daily, right below their views.

I mention this because the same people who run this space routinely and harshly criticize Northampton Township Supervisors Komelasky and Deon for allegedly restricting debate at Township meetings.

This is not to label the editors hypocrites.  Rather, it is to cite their recognition that any unregulated public airing of views will degenerate quickly.

To keep order and allow everyone to be heard, some may have to wrap it up earlier than they would like; and wait a bit before taking another turn, especially if they have nothing new to add; and support points and accusations with facts; and take responsibility by putting one’s name and face to one’s comments.

Unsubstantiated accusations, repeat comments, speeches well over the length allowed here (interestingly, three minutes at an average reading rate), and anonymous jeers and insults are all common at Township meetings.  And the Courier would rightly refuse to publish every word of it.

The Supervisors’ efforts, criticized as limiting public comment, are exactly what this paper does every day:  set a few reasonable rules to keep the debate moving and civilized.

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