2010 Primary Results

Fitzpatrick Supporters Peter Palestina, his wife and sister-in-law at the polls

The unofficial results of Tuesday’s Primary in Northampton Township as turned in to our HQ yesterday evening is download able via this link (a PDF File)

Seven of our 18 districts did not obtain the actual number of Democrats and Republicans voting and therefore that total of the turnout is not accurate. However, the projected turnout based on the formula I use would indicate that the total R turnout was approximately 22%.

Northampton once again did very well for the endorsed candidates. Thanks to all who helped make this happen.

Submitted by Peter Palestina

The Bucks County Election Commission Results For Northampton Township:
Are online at: www.buckscountyelections.org/MunicipalResults.aspx?municipality=31&name=Northampton%20Township, and reproduced on the next page:

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