A Letter From Mike

Michael Fitzpatrick is a candidate for The US Congress in PA8Dear Friend:

We’re on the eve of victory in the 8th congressional district, but our campaign needs an extra push in the closing days of this critical election. Can I count on you again?

National and regional polls show the Democrats’ hold on the House and Senate majority is slipping away. President Obama’s popularity is falling. And polling in our 8th Congressional District puts my opponent either behind, or neck-and-neck.

Pat Murphy and his special interest allies are spending a multi-million war chest on despicable radio/television attack ads to bash me and distort my record of public service. These scurrilous radio and television ads are intended to keep Murphy in Congress, where he has been a loyal foot soldier for the Democrat leadership and the Obama agenda.

Most recently, his campaign is being helped by a left-leaning organization that opened a Lower Bucks office with an admitted $50,000 to spend on paid street “canvassers,” promising $10 an hr. and up.

Additionally, I am sure you have heard about the drive to both urge and scare voters into applying for absentee ballots, and the opening of a collection point — not the county Board of Elections – but a post office box in Bristol Borough! And then this: the “intimidating” letter was sent by a Murphy contributor representing a non-existent “state voter assistance office.” The absentee ballot scheme has disturbing links to the Murphy campaign.

This sort of underhanded, sleazy politics, is unlike anything we’ve seen in past district and county elections.

I’m asking you to help me counteract “Murphy’s Millions” and, yes, his trickery. We cannot match the amount of money the special interests and national Democrat committees are dumping into our district in a desperate effort to save Pat Murphy’s job, but we can match him person-to-person with people like you and others who are willing to stand up for our country and put the brakes on that runaway train in Washington. Fair and square.

This congressional election is critical in terms of our entire district and the nation, but to bring about change, we must spread our message of hope to Republicans, Democrats and Independents, voters who are fed up with what is happening to our country.

Please remind your voters of my record of accomplishment in Bucks County and on behalf of the 8th district — putting families first, protecting children, saving open space, serving seniors and veterans, boosting the economy and representing them faithfully and sensibly on the floor of Congress.

As always, I appreciate your support. If you need literature, or election day items like buttons or lapel stickers, please contact our campaign office: 215-970-7343. And if you can offer any other assistance, we welcome it. Hope to see you on Tuesday.

Thank you,

Mike Fitzpatrick

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