Barry Moore – “More Progress, Less Theatrics”

Today’s BCCT has a letter from Barry correctly outlining what is wrong with the current board majority.  More importantly, Barry clearly states his and Larry’s vision for how meetings should be conducted, how agendas need to have regular reports regarding issues of concern, and not merely come up as fodder during an election cycle.


We now face a number of important decisions regarding areas of our community, such as the redevelopment of Richboro, Holland and the industrial parks, the need for road repairs and better traffic control, and preservation of open space.

We need responsible people looking out for the best interest of our township. The current majority on the board of supervisors seems to be more concerned about political theatrics than having a vision and a desire to get things done. As my father would say, “they are more concerned about making a lot of dust rather than moving any dirt.” We need new leadership on the board that can “move a lot of dirt without making a lot of dust” and get things done.

Once again, Barry, an honest businessman, philanthropist, conservationist, family man, and genuinely nice guy demonstrated why he is the proper choice for Northampton Supervisor.  Together Larry Weinstein and Barry Moore bring a sense of Community, Integrity and Honesty back to Township Government.

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