BCTARS – Winter Reception An Outstanding Success!

bctars 042cWhat a great way to have your faith restored in young people and our future!  The Bucks County Teen Age Republicans (BCTARS) held their Winter Reception on Firday Evening, March 8, 2013 at Republican Committee Headquarters in Doylestown PA.  Nearly 100 people were in attendance, representing ALL age groups and interests in the Republican ideals, direction and Party.

These young people have a strong message: “while we cannot yet vote, we can work on behalf of candidates who represent us.  We can have those who can vote, support candidates who have our future, and the future of our Country as a priority,” said Brandon Posner, Chairman BCTARS.

bctars 039aDom Giordano, WPHT 12010AM Talk Radio Host, Author, and well known national panelist was the keynote speaker at the event.  Amazing, that at 8:00PM, Dom was still going strong as he outlined his visions for what the Republican Party MUST do if it is to become effective.  Dom cited that young people like BCTARS are critical to the effort.  “And, if you can’t expose yourself to the criticism, participate in forums that are traditionally uncomfortable for Conservatives, then you have no business running for office,” declared Dom in addressing the need to get out and spread the message across ALL mediums and venues. “Republicans were outgunned in November.  Obama continues to campaign, using 240+ full time staffers whose sole job is to continue campaigning the agenda.  They are effective at using new media and social media and it’s time to learn from them.”  Please LIKE Dom on Facebook and VISIT his Website!

bctars 044aCongressman Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA8) also addressed the crowd.  After another 14+ hour day, Mike emphasized the importance of our youth and the obligations that we have to ensure that their future is better than our past.  “These young people are our future.  They know the value of hard work,” said Fitzpatrick.  The Congressman then gave an update on the [sad] state of affairs in Washington DC. “This morning I drafted a Bill to restore the Educational benefits that current active service men and women have earned and that the President has taken away by his refusal to make responsible decisions.  So, I calculated that the cost under Sequestration was about $500million.  Then I discovered how it could easily be paid for:  take away $500million in aid to Egypt.  Very simple solution,” asserted Mike.  The crowd erupted in thunderous applause.  Imagine if EVERYONE in Congress worked as hard and was as accessible as Mike!  Please LIKE Congressman Fitzpatrick on Facebook and VISIT his Official Website to sign up for his weekly newsletter.

You can learn more about BCTARS at their website by CLICKING HERE.

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