Bob Borkowski

20130225borkowskiMy parents were both blue-collar, union workers who lived their entire years in Philadelphia.  My Dad faithfully paid his monthly dues for thirty-seven years and worked every chance of overtime to put my brother and me through a Catholic education and eventually through college.

On Election Day, after he retired from work, he would work a couple of hours at the polls for something that he believed in, the chance to make America better through voting.

Politically you might think of my parents as “Philly Democrats”, but that would be profiling.  They were strong, loyal Republicans.  I learned the values that your faith, family, hard work and respect of your neighbor are all that you need to succeed in life, not excessive government intervention.

I guess that is why I am a Republican today.  I believe that you must reward the basic American virtues of hard work and sacrifice; virtues not be demonized.

Today, only one political party is portrayed as “being for the poor” while the other “only for the rich”.  It makes me wonder, “why would the Democratic leaders want you to succeed?”

Democrats, by their actions, want none of us to excel and  succeed because those are Republican values.  Their rhetoric is simply absurd!

Holding traditional American values should not label me a Republican or a Democrat.

I want to help as many people in my Country, my Community, as possible… as an individual.

I want to help those who have exhausted all available resources from their faith and family, and their own hard work.

I want to help those who believe in the American Dream, without redefining it.

I want to help those who respect the principles upon which our Country was founded and once achieved greatness.

I want to help those who truly need help as a lifeline for survival until they grasp a rung on the ladder of self-sufficiency.

That is what America was and should be.  That is why I am a Republican.

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