Democrats Shut Down Government

Here’s a message that we should note and view, if in doubt, on the Cable Video of the Northampton Board of Supervisors Meeting of April 22, 2009.

It is regularly replayed on Cable Channels 22 (Comcast) and 23 (Verizon)

On Thursday, 4/23/09, Watching Neighbor (theadvocate18966 [at] summarized the meeting as follows:

Democrat Party political machine was in action for the disruption of a public meeting with deliberate purpose to shut down government

A small group of political workers engaged in the deliberate customary disorderly behavior in defiance of authority of government and of the Sunshine Law and defiance of police authority.

This is the second occasion where Mark Brendlinger was directly involved in disorder that caused police presence. He has a history of irrationally disrupting government meetings.

A dozen political activists of the Dobbins and Gold political campaign were all wearing political campaign buttons. According to the public admission by Mark Brendlinger, Mr. Mc Monigle led their effort and gave them guidance.

These tactics had the obvious intention of disobedient disruption of government meeting.

Mark Brendlinger refused to behave and cooperate with the government administration of the meeting in open defiance of the authority of the Chairman.

Mark Brendlinger refused to relinquish the microphone, demanding that he be allowed to make political campaign speeches.

Mark has the right to free speech. He does not have the right to have the taxpayers provide him with a taxpayer paid forum or meeting room or television broadcast to present his political message.

Not one vote was taken because Mark Brendlinger refused to allow government to proceed.

In these dire economic times the government had urgent business to vote on to that would initiate a grant funding for Northampton Township open space budget that would financially benefit all of the citizens.

But Mark Brendlinger and his political campaign workers in open defiance of the law made this shutdown of government the concerted effort of the political campaign of Marvin Gold and Linda Dobbins.

They sent political campaign workers with the sole intent of shutting down Northampton Township government. All citizens, Democrats and Republicans, lost because of the selfish disobedience of these few misguided people.

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