Dems botch debate video

Group bans broadcast of supervisor debate

gop_buttonOctober 28, 2009 02:11 AM, the, website for the Buck County Courier Times ran the following article: By: DANNY ADLER of the Bucks County Courier Times with the above title.

The story lead-in begins:

The League of Women Voters said it wouldn’t authorize the broadcast after learning that one of the cameramen, Charles E. Quaste Sr., is a Democratic candidate for constable.

The league on Tuesday said it wouldn’t authorize any broadcasts of last week’s supervisor candidate forum so the organization can maintain its “essential non-partisan status”.

After an article in the Courier Times stated that one of the cameramen, Charles E. Quaste Sr., is a Democratic candidate for constable,
Connie Borichevsky, co-president of the league in Bucks County, wrote, according to the story:

“The recording of the non-partisan event has been paid for, been in the possession of, and been produced and edited at the direction of one political party in violation of a rule previously agreed upon by all of the participants. Namely: ‘Use of video or audio footage of the forum from any taping source by the candidates, political parties or special interest groups is not permitted‘.”

The rule is standard for every candidate forum the league holds.

“We cannot authorize the broadcasting or showing of this video in any form,” she said.

But, according to the story also, the Democrats and an independent candidate have tried to turn the story around and blame the it on Republicans, despite the fact that their candidate violated the rules set down clearly at the outset of the forum by the League.

You can read the full story online yourself and see how the Democrats messed up at

Are these viable candidates to be new supervisors?

We don’t think so, and urge all citizens to VOTE REPUBLICAN at next Tuesday’s Election!

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