Fitzpatrick Demands Answers on Libya

Calls on Administration to Provide Clarity

Mar 25, 2011 Issues: Defense and National Security, Foreign Affairs

LANGHORNE, Pa. – Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick today released the following statement on the ongoing United States military operations in Libya which commenced on March 19, 2011.

“There are important questions that need to be answered by President Obama regarding the current military action taking place in Libya. I have enormous confidence in the ability of our military’s brave fighting men and women and they need and deserve clarity in their mission, means, and chain of command.

“The President must define what political and military victory in Libya will look like. The language of the United Nations resolution under which allied forces are ostensibly operating has been the source of division and confusion within the coalition as to the scope of its mandate and the military means to be employed.

“Both the Congress and the American people deserve a clear explanation of what our goals are, how we intend to achieve these goals and how long United States forces will be involved in military operations in Libya. I look forward to the briefing by Secretary Clinton, Secretary Gates, Admiral Mullen and General Clapper and hope they are able to provide answers to these vital questions as the conflict enters its second week.”

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