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8th District Newsletter – December 6, 2011 – Reducing Regulatory Burdens

This week in Washington, the House passed two new bills which aim to bring accountability to the regulatory process and promote economic growth through the prevention of onerous and ineffective regulations. In addition to the REINS Act, the House has also now sent the Regulatory Accountability Act (H.R. 3010) and the Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act (H.R. 527) to the Senate for their consideration.

I am proud to support these important pieces of legislation. Rather than removing existing regulations, we must first ensure that any proposed rules receive proper oversight. As we work to create an environment in which small business can expand and drive our economic recovery, we must place limits on the unprecedented and unsustainable growth of regulations on small businesses being handed down from federal bureaucrats.

H.R. 527, the Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act of 2011 requires agencies to analyze the impact of new regulations will have on small businesses before adopting the regulation just as they must consider how they will affect the environment.

H.R. 3010, the Regulatory Accountability Act of 2011 updates and reforms the rulemaking process by setting mandatory rulemaking principles, thereby providing greater transparency and accountability to the process.

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