Global Warming Academic Scandle Hits Close to Home

Interesting that while East Anglia and Penn State Universities, two renowned meteorological academic centers, have come under intense scrutiny about research fraud and other chicanery, the BCCT continues to carry global warming stories as if nothing has happened.

With the Copenhagen environmental summit happening next week, one would think that the free press “watchdog” would be asking hard questions about the research program and millions of dollars channeled, especially the Penn State one – right here in our own back yard!!

The potential direct cost of this alleged fraud is bad enough. The costs of public policy decisions based on this data, not to mention investigative costs will be quantum by comparison.

The BCCT is quick and happy to use the term “harrisburglars” in a broad brush manner. Perhaps that august editorial group should go up the Susquehanna a bit and check on the “state penn” group as well!

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