Had Enough of Untruthful, Tax & Spend Democrats?

voterepublicanThe same tactics used by the President and his Democratic Party have found their way to Pennsylvania.  Northampton Township bore witness to the results: several years of untruthful sniping, a paralyzed government that accomplished nothing, and even worse: a community ripped apart by deceit.

Northampton Voters are too smart to allow that to happen again.

Untruthfulness has found its way into the campaigns of Democrats running for Governor, US Congress, and the State Senate.


Send Washington DEMocrats, and those who are just like them

  • In the race for Governor, DEMocrats are deceitful in their claims regarding education funding, pension finance, and other major issues.  Yet, their candidates have taken a page from Nancy Pelosi: “You have to vote for me before I can tell you how I will solve the issues.”  One thing is clear: the Democratic candidate will definitely raise taxes on nearly everyone and everything.
  • The PA-8 US House race is interesting, albeit disconcerting.  Once again, DEMocrats have imported a warm body from another area to run against Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.  The good news, the candidate has shown his true colors and people are keenly aware of the trouble he brings.  PA-8 Voters were fooled the last time an outsider showed up on the scene backed by Pelosi, Reid and other Washington insiders.  We won’t make that mistake again.
  • You would think that the local Senate PA-6 race would be immune from such nonsense… but it has not been.  The same tactics used for the last seven years by Democratic Supervisors in Northampton Township are painfully evident.  The Bucks County Courier Times sums it up best: “Kimberly Rose, the Democrat challenging Robert Tommy Tomlinson, is unimpressive and woefully unprepared for the job. In our interview with Rose, she seemed unready to deal with critical issues.”
  • In the PA-178 Legislative District, Scott Petri is unopposed.  There’s a reason for that: he represents his constituents so well that even DEMocrats will not argue.  In Northampton Twp, we have seen the impacts of Scott’s efforts, coupled with those of Tommy Tomlinson: our roads are getting fixed, there are massive infusions to facilitate changes in infrastructure, plans for the Holland and Richboro districts, and the Business and Technology Center continue to get the attention and support of our State representatives.

Northampton Voters are too smart to be lured by uncertainty.  Northampton Voters reject the promise of higher taxes. Bring your friends and neighbors out to vote on November 4th!

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