Help John McCain & Sarah Palin in PA!

John McCain is the right person to lead America through these difficult economic times. Throughout his life, John McCain has fought for America, putting his Country First, and he is ready to do so again as president.

Election Day is tomorrow and Senator McCain is surging forward in the polls. Our supporters are energized and are making millions of voter contacts each day into the battleground states.

With as many as 10 % of voters still undecided, it is critical that we step up and deliver a record final push. With your help, our campaign is confident that we can win over these remaining undecided voters and ensure victory for John McCain and Governor Palin tomorrow!

We are urging you to make as many phone calls as possible over these final 2 days on behalf of the McCain-Palin ticket. It is time to stand up and fight for a brighter future in America.

Follow this link today to begin making calls:

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