How “Single Payer” will be backdoored

Will, in effect, individuals be forced to choose between health insurance and groceries?

Lost in the euphoria accompanying the recently passed Health Care bill is the effect this legislation will have on the Health Care industry. Being a good capitalist, I am not concerned with the survivability of singular companies, rather the industry as a whole.

If public health insurance companies fail on a grand scale, the underlying intention of the administration will come to pass. Big government will happily jump at the chance to exert further control over the industry via regulations associated with bailouts, or implement a “Single Payer System” that our progressive representatives really desire.

Thankfully, the intent of H.R. 4872 is just take care the uninsured, not to federalize the entire industry.

In a vacuum this might be the case but in reality the health insurance industry, as we know it, is doomed!

One of the provisions of the bill sets a requirement for insurance companies to implement an 85/15% ratio, between claims and administrative costs, for premiums collected.

Prior to the bills passage, companies were required to spend 65% of premiums collected for claims and were allowed 35% for administrative costs.

During a call recently on the Rush Limbaugh show, a woman identified as Stacey from Atlanta, described the woeful prospects confronting her industry. She stated that the above mentioned 15% was to account for all operating expenses to include salaries and any profits realized.

Aside from mistakenly stating 35% as 45%, she is right on. As you can imagine, an industry that averages only 2.2% profit prior to implementation of this newest government takeover, could have no delusions of survivability.

Here is a report describing industry’s profitability: (

Furthermore, any tax increases imposed because of this historic legislation will also come out of the 15% operating allowance.

Here is a link to the show’s transcript:

Defenders of the bill will probably state that the insurance industry will unjustly raise premiums to make a profit if they cannot cut operating expenses in other ways. This sounds logical, but with an 85/15 ratio premium hikes of 200-300% will have to be charged to ensure profits, as stated by industry insider Stacy.

This will, in effect force individuals to choose between health insurance and groceries!

The logical choice is sustenance over a yearly breast exam. This will result in needless deaths to citizens who are priced out of insurance.

Of course government will still get their hands in your wallet in the form of assigned penalties to the uninsured. And when it’s evident that the evil insurance companies can’t stay afloat, the government will step in and offer relief to us uninformed drones in the form of that “Single Payer System” that none of us wanted, but now we will have no option but to embrace it.

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