VA Stories & Benefits

An extensive series of online videos by the US Dept of Veterans Affairs called “The American Veteran” (Click on the name) tells the stories of service and sacrifice made by America’s men and women in uniform and discusses some of the benefits they have earned. is a way folks can get information about Military Voting, the new AfriCOM activation in support of a more stable African Continent, etc., without the typical editing which the media does to these reports.

DoDvClips offers video on demand for any and all interested parties; featured clips include but are not limited to DoD news, briefings, speeches, military campaigns and operations, public service announcements, and related video for the Bloggers’ Roundtable programs.

These products are available for embedding on official and non-official websites, and for downloading by viewers, like the shown below for military members on Voter Registration.

Voter Registration (CLICK HERE TO PLAY)

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