Lawsuit shows Corbett stands up for America

It is obvious many of our federal politicians take an oath to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution and do not mean it. These people have been taught to twist the meanings of words to achieve their ends and call that rule of law. It’s as if these people have been bred to be part of a political machine built to subvert the constraints of the Constitution. They want strong centralized government. They want unabashed control in our lives. That’s not liberty. That’s not America.

Attorney General Tom Corbett is taking a principled stand for Pennsylvanians on the side of clearly established law. State Sen. Daylin Leach is saying: Sit down and shut up, we got a good thing going here, and you’re trying to mess it up, and why even try, you won’t win anyway.

Should the states be sovereign? Is the Constitution the supreme law of the land? Or is it an old, flawed document that stands in the way of progressivism? Do you want redistribution of wealth, all-consuming debt and higher cost of everything?

Come November know what you are voting for and choose wisely.

Randy Hartman


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