Letter: To neighbors & friends in District #7

From Pete Palestina, Republican Committeeman and former Township Supervisor
gop_buttonTo my neighbors and friends of Northampton voting District #7:On Tuesday, November 3rd there will be an election that is likely to be the most important local election we have ever had in the 21st century.

As many of you know, Jim Kinney and I lost our reelection bid for Northampton Supervisor two years ago. After 24 years as a Supervisor with a proud record of accomplishments and responsiveness to residents and their concerns, the people chose to elect two Democrats to the Board.

The election results were not even close, as people believed the lies, innuendo and outright nasty literature that was sent to residents. I guess you can also say that we were victims of the public’s view of President Bush.

What I do know is this; people who know me chose to support me by their votes. That is why the only District that I won in my reelection bid two years ago was yours, my friends and neighbors in District 7, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now, for the last two years, the Board has been comprised of 2 Democrats and 3 Republicans.

Two of those seats are on the line in this election and if the Democrats win only one seat they will have the majority and will take over the running, or should I say ruining, of our fine township.

Once again, you have seen nasty literature laden with lies and promises of how they will make Northampton a great place to live and complaining about how we have wasted millions of dollars.

Well friends, as you know, Northampton is a great place to live and the money was not wasted.

We have a great library and senior center, excellent rescue squad and volunteer firefighters, beautiful park at Hatboro and Bristol Rd, activities and recreational programs second to none, saved open space.

All of these were planned and developed with the help of those millions of dollars.

What would we have today if those amenities were not built and what would it have cost us in today’s dollars if we waited?

The two Democrat Supervisors have brought nothing admirable to the table in two years and have been disruptive at every Supervisors meeting along with their cronies.

The main core of their supporters come from the area affected by the DEP’s forced mandate of public sewers in the western end of the township.

The only issue these two Democrats have fought for is to have everyone in the township pay for the sewers that are being put in that section.

The Supervisors, led by the Republicans under the leadership of George Komelasky, have been able to secure millions of state money and financing to aid these residents through the efforts of our Republican State Representative Scott Petri and State Senator Tommy Tomlinson.

But were these rabble rousers satisfied?

No, they wanted even more and they want you and I to pay for it. We paid for our own water and sewer lines with the purchase of our homes.

In addition, we have been paying real estate taxes that include the assessment for our water and sewer line because that assessment was made on the purchase price of our homes.

To add insult to injury, when a home adds sewer after it is built, there is no reassessment.

Therefore, unlike you and me, these people get the benefit of a home improvement which increases the value of their home, but do not have to pay any additional real estate taxes.

Feel like forking over more hard earned money, then elect another Democrat to the Board.

They already have one Supervisor who is an attorney, now they would have you elect two more attorneys, Dobbins and Gold. Two people who have never volunteered their service to the township and that have absolutely nothing to bring to the table. In fact, if you Google them, you will find out what kind of people they really are.

George Komelasky along with our own District 7 friend and neighbor Eileen Silver are the Republican Supervisor candidates (levers 18B and 19B).

It would be great to have another Supervisor who resides in our own district and will look out for us as I did.

We also have great candidates rounding out the local ticket, Barbara Bucknum (lever 20B) Tax Collector, Larry Weinstein Auditor (lever 21B) and Ray Brown Constable (lever 22B).

Please come out on November 3rd and support the Republican ticket.

Let’s keep Philadelphia Democrat politics out of Northampton and keep Northampton the great place it is to live and raise our families.

Thank you once again for your support.

Pete Palestina,
47 Lynford Rd.

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