Letter: To Voters From District 12

From Jim Donahue and Grace Fries

gop_buttonTownship Supervisors: George Komelasky and Eileen Silver (www.KomelaskySilver09.com)
Tax Collector: Barbara Bucknum
Township Auditor: Larry Weinstein
Constable: Ray Brown
District Attorney: Dave Heckler
State Supreme Court Justice: Judge Joan Orie Melvin

Dear Fellow Voters,

November 3rd is Election Day. It is a Municipal Election year, which some people think means little. In fact, this election probably has a more direct impact on you and your family than any other election.

We will be electing township officials, school directors, and county officials – people who will be governing the local institutions that affect us on a daily basis.

Over the past 20 years, Northampton Township has become one of the most attractive places to live in the country. Why? Because the Township Supervisors and other officials have exercised prudence and sound judgment – keeping government small while delivering essential services in a cost effective manner.

I encourage you to support the Republican candidates who have the experience to continue to provide the kind small government and lower taxes that we have come to expect.

Candidates from the opposing party are making inaccurate and misleading claims and their behavior at township meetings has been disruptive and has interfered with the governmental process. Do not be misled.

Keep our community in good hands

Please vote for Eileen Silver and George Komelasky and the entire Republican ticket on November 3rd.

We could use your help. If you can spend an hour or two at the polls, please call me at 215 322 1842.

Thank You,

Jim Donahue, Committeeman
Grace Fries, Committeewoman
Northampton District 12

Paid for by Northampton Republican Committee

Facebook: Republicans of Northampton Twp

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