Murphy Supported by Out-of-State Special Interests

From Former Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick

According to his official Federal Election Commission campaign reports, Congressman Patrick Murphy received the majority of his campaign cash from out of state donors!

I have consistently questioned why Patrick Murphy continues to vote against the better interests of the citizens of the 8th District. After seeing his campaign finance report, it’s clear that Patrick Murphy has a constituency of out of state special interests that he needs to be responsive to.

Otherwise, why else would turn his back on his constituents back home by voting to raise taxes on middle class families, voting to increase the national debt and voting to cut billions in Medicare for our seniors?

Patrick Murphy’s Democrat-led Congress has taxed, borrowed and spent us to the brink of economic disaster.

The Democrat Congress has increased taxes by $670 billion since January of 2009. This includes a whopping 25 different tax hikes and a $316 billion tax increase on middle class families.

Because of Mr. Murphy and his colleagues, every child born today has a share of the national debt worth over $40,000.

All the while, President Obama’s ill-fated stimulus plan that Mr. Murphy supported has only stimulated historic levels of unemployment.

Now, with no surprise, the White House has suggested that raising more taxes on the middle class will likely be needed to fight the deficit and fund out of control spending.
While the Washington insiders, party bosses and out-of-state special interests may be happy with the representation they are getting from Patrick Murphy, I believe the everyday citizens of the 8th District deserve better.

Thank you for continued support,

Mike Fitzpatrick

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